SCL Cricket Action during Covid19
05-21-2020Posted by Sunil Kumar

SCL Cricket Action during Covid19 SCL Covid Cricket Action .. Promo !! One more day to go for the epic final !! Something never happened in cricket before ... !! Get ready for the live action[...]

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Happy New Year, Organiser?s 11 Vs Champions 11, Shaji
01-01-2020Posted by Sunil Kumar

Wish All My Teams Of Scg , Our Players And Their Friends Families A Happy New Year 2020.For Cricketers 2020 Is A Special Feeling And We Knew It And Tried To Get The New Feeling Of It ,With All World [...]

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SCL Update 15th December, Shaji
12-15-2019Posted by Sunil Kumar

A total wash out  , a very rare event happens in Singapore , in across all fields  except in Indoor cricket  and badminton court ..a good advertisement for Indoor Cricket Yesterda[...]

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SCL Update,7th December, Shaji
12-07-2019Posted by Sunil Kumar

All day yesterday ,I couldn't get much time to write on the great win by Kalakar team.  Immediately after Kala allowed opponents to allow a 69, i rushed out of SCG to attend many meeting ac[...]

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Welcome to Sengkang Cricket league
07-17-2019Posted by Cric Clubs

Welcome to Sengkang Cricket league Checkout this space for latest news and updates from Sengkang Cricket league Powered by CricClubs - Manage Your Cricket league for FREE with Live Scoring. For more [...]

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