Tournament Format

                                                                                                Last Updated: 18-May-2023



  • All players must have valid Singapore residence permits (Singapore Citizen, PR, EP, S Pass, WP pass or any other valid resident pass in Singapore)
  • All players must be fully vaccinated as per the guidelines published by Govt. of Singapore.
  • Anyone with flu symptoms cannot participate and strictly should not come to the ground.
  • Anyone with issued with SHN should not come to the ground.



  • Each team can register 30 players from which 11 shall play in each game.
  • A maximum of 15 overs can be bowled without exceeding the allocated time for each match.
  • Umpiring will be done teams from other groups and the schedule will be published in CricClubs. All teams assigned need to complete umpiring duties as per the schedule without fail.





















Total Teams




  • Each team will play game against all the opponent teams in the division


Points for league matches


Win: 2 Points

Tie: 1 Point

Loss: 0 Points


  • No match will be replayed due to wash out. All washed out and uncompleted matches with no results shall be given with 1 point each
  • If teams have both equal points, teams with higher NRR will be placed in the higher position.


Knock Outs


  • Group topper (G1) will be directly promoted Semi-finals.
  • Next 6 teams in each group (G2 vs G7, G3 vs G6, G4 vs G5) will play Quarter finals.
  • In case any of the QF match is interrupted by rain without any winner, the winner will be decided based on the group standings between the 2 teams.
  • Refer to tournament schedule for SF pairing.
  • The team that scores the highest number of runs from the allocated 15 overs of batting is the winner.
  • Tie will be decided by a super over in the knockout stage.
  • In case SF is interrupted by rain and super over could not be played, then team will proceed according to points and run rate from league matches. 



  • The following trophies will be awarded
      1. MOM
      2. Medals/Trophies for Runner Up
      3. Medals/Trophies for Champions 



  • Teams to submit player list, Player profile picture and maintenance / balls fees prior to the start of the tournament date.
  • All participating players should have a valid residency permit to stay in Singapore. Organizers are not responsible and liable for the contravention of residency rules.
  • This is social event and there is no prize money given.
  • All players who are participate, are doing so out of their own interest. Organizing team does not bear/own of any responsibility or any sort of claims, from playing cricket at the open ground.


Player Verification:


  • Players are requested to carry the NRIC/FIN/WP for the matches for verification.
  • Captains should update player names in CricClubs according to his IC.
  • Player picture is mandatory and should be uploaded to CricClubs.
  • Without a proper picture and player name, the Umpires / Opposition team can deny the player from playing the match.
  • Captain and Player himself are responsible to make sure the player has a valid residential pass and is fully vaccinated.
  • Umpires and Captains are requested to complete player verification if any before the start of the match to avoid delays to the match schedule.
  • If any misconduct is raised/found against any player / team, the Voluntary Group will investigate it and reserves the right to ban the team/player or change the outcome of the match.



Laws of Cricket

Except as varied here under, the Laws of Cricket (2022 Code) and subsequent amendments, ICC Code of Conduct and ICC Twenty20 International match playing conditions shall apply (together with "the Laws of Cricket"). In the event of a conflict between the rules of this tournament and the Laws of Cricket, the rules of this tournament shall prevail.

SSCL Rules

  • Each team shall comprise 11 players.
  • Each innings will be limited to 15 overs. Each bowler can bowl a max of 3 overs.
  • Wicket keeper is allowed to bowl
  • The wicket keeper may wear gloves while keeping wickets.
  • Schedule published is final. By participating in the tournament, you agree and adhere to the schedule and changes if any.
  • Schedule is subjected to change if needed and the teams will be notified with the changes.


Substitutes and Runners


         A fielding team can use a substitute fielder if one of their team members has been injured or not feeling well during the match. Substitute shall be a registered player from the team, and he shall be substituted one to one for a player on ground, shall not be a replacement for a player who has not reached the ground yet. Substitute can be used to keep wickets. If the fielder comes back to the field, he can be used for bowling only after a gap of an over.

Field Restrictions

  • Outside power play, there cannot be more than 5 fielders outside the 30-yard circle at any point in time. Even if the team is playing with less than 11 fielders this rule will remain same.
  • At the instant of delivery, there may not be more than 5 fielders on the leg side (bowler not counted).
  • In the event of contravention of these rules, the umpire will signal a 'No Ball’ and a penalty of 1 run will be credited to the batting side

Power Play:


  • There will be a total of 6 overs played under power play.
  • First (Bowling power play) - First 3 overs are Mandatory. During power play only 2 fielders are permitted outside the 30-yard circle.
  • Second (Batting power play) - 3 continuous overs any time from 4th to 15th overs (batting team to choose). During the batting power play only 3 fielders are permitted outside the 30-yard circle.
  • If the batting team did not choose batting power play within the first 12 overs, overs 13,14,15 shall be mandated as batting power play by umpires.


Wide Ball


  • Judging a WIDE: A wide ball will be judged as per the ICC Playing Conditions. The Wide guidelines as marked on the pitch shall be followed on the offside. On the leg side, any ball going down the leg side will be called a ‘WIDE’. It is important to note that if the ball makes contact with the bat or batsman, the ball will not be declared a wide ball.
  • Runs: A penalty of 1 run will be credited to the batting side. The penalty shall be credited as ‘Extras’. Any byes taken off a 'wide ball’ shall count as byes and shall be in addition to the penalty for WIDE’.
  • Extra delivery: An extra delivery will be bowled for a wide.
  • Reverse Sweep / Flip Shot:
      1. If the batsman changes his stance to the opposite side (means he turns to the other side completely) then the umpire will consider the side on which he changed his stance to call a WIDE instead of his regular batting side.
      2. If the batsman does reverse sweep without any change in his stance, then WIDE call will be made according to his batting side.


Leg Before Wicket


  • No batsman shall be given out leg before wicket (LBW). There are no leg byes. However, byes and overthrow runs are permitted.
  • Runouts on both ends for any balls bowled whether it hit on the leg/body or not shall be considered. Batsmen to protect his wicket and shall be in his crease until the ball is dead.



  • Mankading is legal and appeals on mankading are valid. Warning shall be hitting the stump or showing the umpire the batsman has left the crease before delivery.
  • Umpire shall give warning for the first appeal
  • Second appeal will be given out.




  • Short Pitched Bowling - If a ball passes or would have passed above the shoulder height of the striker standing upright at the crease, either umpire shall call and signal No-Ball’.
  • A bowler is permitted to bowl one bouncer per over. However, if it’s above the head of the striker, it will be called a WIDE ball.
      1. Above the head delivery if batsman players did not play. Then WIDE and first bouncer is given
      2. Any first ball above shoulder and up to head level will be called first bouncer.
      3. Above the head delivery if batsman played then, first bouncer is given (in case the first bouncer was already called then it will be a ‘No-Ball’)
      4. If a bowler has already bowled a bouncer for the over, then the second ball above batsmen's shoulder will be considered a ‘No-Ball’ irrespective of whether batsmen has made any contact with the ball or not. So, the second delivery will be ‘No-Ball’ whether the batsman touches or leaves it.
      5. Batsman need to remain with in his batting crease else the umpire has the right to not to consider it as ‘No-Ball’
  • Bowling of high full Pitch Balls: A high full pitch ball shall be defined as a ball that passes or would have passed on the full above waist height of the striker standing upright at the crease. Should a bowler bowl a high full pitch ball, either umpire shall call and signal ‘No-Ball’.
  • To avoid doubt, both above will be judged as a ‘No-Ball’ when it passes or would have passed the striker standing upright at the crease even though the Striker had come down the pitch.
  • Mode of Delivery - The bowler shall not deliver a ball under arm. In addition, the umpire at the bowler’s end shall call and signal ‘No-Ball’ for a ball, which he considers having been delivered:
      1. Bounces twice
      2. Rolls along the ground
      3. Comes to rest before reaching the striker
      4. if not otherwise played by the striker, before it reaches the popping crease
  • Runs - A penalty of 1 run shall be credited to the batting side in addition to any runs that may be scored of the ‘No-Ball’.
  • Extra Ball - An extra delivery shall be bowled for a ‘No-Ball’.
  • Bowler hits the stumps while bowling will be given as a ‘No-Ball’.
  • Bowler bowling too wide of the pitch (2nd Line on the mat) will be given a ‘No-Ball’.     
  • All players have to be inside the playing area when ball is bowled. If the player is outside the playing area when the ball is being bowled, It will be considered as ‘No-Ball’.           
  • Side Stepping / Back Foot ‘No-Ball’:

As depicted above in case back foot touches the return crease then it is considered as No Ball. In the delivery stride the back foot must LAND within and not touching the Return Crease as shown below


  • Overstepping ‘No-Ball’: For overstepping the bowling crease, 1 extra run and a free hit will be awarded.


Super Over


  • A toss will be done to decide which team will bat/bowl.
  • Normal field restrictions of max 5 fielders outside 30 yards apply
  • Players from their last(tied) match will be allowed to bat or bowl in super over
  • An old ball decided and agreed by both captains and umpires, will be used for the SUPER OVER.
  • In case of a tie in SUPER OVER then SUPER BALL will be played.
      1. One ball will be given to each team. The team with the highest runs will be the winner.
      2. The Players who played i.e., who have already batted and bowled will not be allowed to bat/bowl.
      3. In case of tie SUPER BALL will be repeated until all the players have bowled / batted.
  • In case of a tie after SUPER BALL
      1. The team who lost with least number of wickets in the total match (Match + SUPER OVER + SUPER BALL)
      2. In case of a tie on the no of wickets lost then the number of sixes in SUPER OVER + SUPER BALL combined will be considered as the winner.
      3. In case of a further tie, then the team with maximum number of boundaries scored in SUPER OVER + SUPER BALL will win.
  • In case SUPER OVER or SUPER BALL could not be played due to climate conditions or any further tie after the above super over rules have been applied then Toss will be done to decide the winner of the match.
  • For the Finals, if a tie in SUPER OVER then both teams will be declared as joint winners. SUPER BALL will not be played for finals.




  • The team that scores the highest number of runs from the allocated 15 overs of batting is the winner.
  • If both teams score the same number of runs the result is a tie and 1 point will be given each team.

Rain rules


  • There will be no curtailed /shortened matches. 
  • If the match starts and rain stops play in between and is not able to continue the match before the completion of 5th over of second innings, it will be called off and shared points between teams. Rain interruptions and match can't complete within the scheduled timings (max 15 minutes grace period)
  • When a team is batting second chasing a target and rain interrupts the game, the average rule will be implemented with a condition of minimum 5 overs to be played by the second team.

For example:  Team batting first scored 74 runs.


Average Score per over

(74/15) = 4.93

Winning Total if rain interrupted in 5th over

4.93x5 +1, = 24.65+1 = 25

Winning Total if rain interrupted in 7th over

4.93x7 +1, = 34.51+1 = 35

Winning Total if rain interrupted in 8.3 over

4.93x8+4.93*(3/6)+1= 39.41+2.46+1 = 42

Please note that for all the calculations decimals will be ignored.


  • All the washed-out knockout matches will be scheduled on the backup day. New schedule for knockouts will be published. It has no bearing on your original schedule day timing which was washed out. 
  • If the match is playable, Umpires will offer captains to play a 15 over, 10 over, 5 over or a Super over based on weather and ground conditions. 
  • In case all these scenarios are not possible, a toss will be done to decide the winner for QF and semi-finals. 
  • For Finals, both teams will be declared as joint winners with and each with Champion Trophies and equal share of prize money (Total of Champion and Runner Up prize money divided equally)


Miscellaneous Rules


  • A minimum 7 players from both sides must be available at the ground at the time of tossing. Otherwise, it's treated as a walk over the opposite team given, they have 7 or more players.
  • No substitute/replacement players will be allowed at the start of the game. Teams have to field with available players, (min 7).
  • There can be 3 minutes break at the end of power play. Fielding captain and umpires to check on the batting side who are late and take the final count of the batting side during the break.
  • No more additions on fielding and batting will be allowed from 6th over onwards.
  • If a batsman has decided to retire, he will be considered out and won’t be allowed to bat again.
  • If a batsman is retired hurt, he will be allowed to bat as the last man. (Or last in order).
  • Matches shall be started on time. Any delay of more than 10 minutes from the start time, the teams shall play with reduced over. First matches in the morning to be given an additional 10 minutes of grace period & latest start time is 7:50 AM. Any start beyond 7:50 AM will be reduced over match.
  • For matches on Pitch 1, if the ball is hit to the construction area, batting team to replace the ball. All players are strictly refrained from going to the construction side in search of the ball.
  • Teams to exit venue within 5 mins after the match completion
  • Batters returning when Caught: When a batter is out caught, the new batter shall come in at the end the striker was at, i.e. to face the next ball (unless it is the end of an over).
  • Ball is considered as valid delivery even if its cracked, unless it’s completely broken into pieces after being hit. Ball to be replaced by batting team for next delivery.

Example for a cracked ball. The ball will be considered as legal delivery.

  • If the new ball is lost or broken, within the first 3 overs ,the bowling team has to replace it with a new ball, after that the batting team has the choice to use an old or new ball.
  • If the bowler changes his arm midway in the over then he needs to inform the umpire. If not informed this will be called a No-Ball. When the bowler comes for initial run up  its a courtesy for him to inform the guard in case he misses out batsman or umpire can check before he bowls. This cannot be called a No-Ball .


  • Chucking is strictly not allowed.
  • If the batsman reports a bowler of a suspected action, the main umpire shall convey the message to the leg umpire and put the bowler under observation.
  • If the leg umpire is convinced that the bowler is chucking, it will be deemed as a no ball.
  • If the bowler bowls more than 1 no ball due to chucking, he will not be allowed to bowl further for that match.


  • Teams are not allowed to give walkovers in the tournament. Below rules will be strictly followed for walkover scenarios.
  • Team which gives notice at least 1 day prior to the scheduled match, will be warned but no points will be deducted.
  • Team which notifies, on the same day of the scheduled match, will be warned and 1 point is deducted from the team standings. (Negative will be applied if no points)
  • Team which does not turn up for the scheduled match will not be considered for future tournaments.
  • The above rule will not be applicable for washed out matches.


  • All the teams are expected to adhere to their umpiring duties.
  • If any team misses out on umpiring duties then 1 point is deducted from the team standings. (Negative will be applied if no points) for each match missed.



  • We are conducting this tournament for the promotion of sports activities and giving playing time for all our residents and cricket lovers for a happy social life through harmony in sports and expect decent behaviour and harmonious atmosphere from all participating teams.
  • Those who create unruly scenes and show violence in the field shall be barred from future tournaments. It’s the captain’s responsibility to control his players.
  • Smoking, liquor drinking, and Urinating are strictly prohibited.
  • Littering is prohibited, any team caught or reported for littering shall face disciplinary action including fine or deduction of points or may remove the team from participating further tournaments.
  • Last match teams on Saturday and Sunday to arrange the tent properly, proper placing of the covers and general housekeeping before leaving the ground and updating the status in the SCL WhatsApp group.


  • Open sandals / slippers are not recommended.
  • We advise you to come in proper cricketing attire to keep the spirit of the game.
  • Batting side is responsible for scoring their innings in CricClubs. Scoring must be properly filled up including complete bowling analysis. Each batting team must provide one scorer for the matches

Privacy Policy


  • We may collect your Name, Phone and Email mainly to verify your identity.
  • All these details are only accessed by authorized members and will not be disclosed to any third parties under any circumstances. 
  • If you do not wish to share these details, you may wish to opt out of the tournament at any time.

Terms and Conditions


  • You / Your team acknowledge that this is sports interest group common initiative and no one will be held liable or responsible in any way for any claims, damages, injuries, costs or liabilities whatsoever and agree with all the tournament rules and conditions.


  • By Participating in the event, you / your team agree that
      1. to abide by the rules of the competition and any additional event instructions;
      2. that you are participating entirely at your own risk; that you will participate in a manner that is safe;
      3. to abide by the rules of the site; to accept that you will be liable for any damage caused (knowingly or otherwise);
      4. Players are responsible for their own health and the organizing team is not responsible, in any way, leading to the deterioration of player’s health or any injury or loss or damage of goods (sports equipment, belongings etc. )resulting from participation in the game of cricket in the open ground.


  • Voluntary Group has full rights to amend/modify/change/add any of the rules/format of the tournament without prior notice.