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SCL Update 15th December, Shaji

12-15-2019POSTED BY Sunil Kumar

SCL Update 15th December, Shaji

A total wash out  , a very rare event happens in Singapore , in across all fields  except in Indoor cricket  and badminton court ..a good advertisement for Indoor Cricket 
Yesterday, LH missed  
Stallions missed 
Agni missed 
Tuskers missed 
Kalakar missed a step  and many more ..
in the fury of nature KLASS missed a big step
And today KK kings missed an opportunity too... all because of the  continous showers that gripped Singapore for a week .
In these sorrow misses some smiled as well get a point to qualify ..that happens 
Only exception was  CricStars  and their  Gully boyz ..
Like  Rajani Sir told .. Naan oru thadavu sonna , nooru thadavu sonna mathiri ..
If CricStar play a game as if it was like 100 games  played .. virtually it turned like that .they represented 100 teams 
On a cloudy day The parent told the  boys , be lined up in the ground at 430 and i am going to test you ...
Boys obeyed   the short test  and  both went through the parade. Boys couldn't match  the star parents.
teachers and head master of the school not so happy  but the way it went , nothing wrong and they didn't break any  rules either  to  line up  the boys  for the game ..but 
Some other scouts couldn't join the parade and missed the opportunity  for the training  did for last 3 months 
 Rains not stopped yet .. hope we will  get a shiny week ahead   for knockouts and completion of tournament in a good way.
Wish you all the best..

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